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Susan P. Joyce

Wonderful post! Aligning the misguided belief with the Reality and then with the Impact is very helpful.

Connecting those dots is often invisible to many, and that's why people spend too much time spinning their wheels and missing opportunities, particularly the idea that being "too specific" on your resume or CV is bad. I see and hear that one so often.

Career Sherpa

These are excellent points!
Recruiters and friends aren't going to deliver a job on a silver platter. You have to take ownership and drive your own job search. You've helped explain how to do this!

I am fortunate to be able to share this #careercollective initiative with you!

Walter Akana

Megan, this is an outstanding post!

As I started reading it, I was reminded of a quote from John Twelve Hawks :

"People don't believe they have power. Because they're scared, they want magic spells and secret passwords."

If there was ever a place where people feel they lack power, it’s job search. And The very magic spells and secret passwords that people hold onto are the very obstacles to true progress.

I love your approach of contrasting “Reality” with “Impact.” Not only is the form of you post terrific, but you have also made it a point to offer solid, in-depth discussion to guide your audience. This is advice that transcends the expat experience to touch all job seekers!

Well done!

Megan Fitzgerald

Thanks Susan, Walter and Hanna for your comments.

Susan- I feel sometimes if you elaborate on the impact of things that seem so simply people begin to see the power of following one wrong "rule". No one can afford to follow rules not serving them.

Hannah - I agree personal responsibility is at the core of a successful job search.

Walter - I LOVE that quote! I agree it completely describes where people are with the job search. Empowerment is so important to success.

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Hi. You make an interesting point in this article when you say presenting ourselves as too much of a specialist will mean missing out on opportunities. I agree with you completely. Thanks for this informative post. Will return for more....

Megan Fitzgerald

Thanks for the positive feedback on the blog!

James - Actually what I said is that presenting yourself as a specialist is very important. Otherwise you get lost in a see of other generalists. People hire experts or specialists to solve their problems, not generalists. It may seem counter intuitive but I assure you that in today's competitive market place it's stand out or fade away...

Many thanks for the comments!

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Holla su blog es muy bueno, muy informativo hay leído mucho!:)
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EXCELLENT article. I realize that most of us walk around with these assumptions that are really hurting our chances at getting the right job. I've made some of these mistakes already, but at least I know how to make better choices in the future. Thanks again for sharing this article.

Megan Fitzgerald

Hi Blanche, I'm glad this article was so helpful and I hope that applying this knowledge has gotten you better results!

My best,

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