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Thanks Megan to raise awareness on relocation package.

This negotiation is crucial, yet some expats don't do their homework and follow blindly what their HR department or relocation companies tell them.

Wherever you go, make sure you search facts and collect opinions from people living in your target neighborhoods. If you have children look for schools first then decide on housing. Location, housing and schools are tied to the the expatriation success as an unhappy family and frustrated trailing spouse is linked to higher % of expatriation failures.


Thank you for the posting.
I am currently an expat which is in the scenario you mention above and is being localized after 5 yrs in UK. I have been trying to retain at least 80% of my housing allowance in some form via direct payment. The only offer made by my company with this aspect has been to include the allowance in my discretionary bonus payments. I am very uneasy as my company does not want to sign a formal document and as stated it is part of a discretionary bonus which has the potential to be equitized.
It seems I have little leverage apart from taking what is being offered or look elsewhere.
Any suggestions or strategies would be greatly appreciated.

Megan Fitzgerald

Hi Kell,

Thanks for your comment. Indeed things are changing and compensation is definitely one of the areas that expats have been struggling with since the global recession hit and companies are tightening their belts.

Getting things in writing is always a good idea. Giving specific feedback would require more information about your current situation, but I would suggest first getting informed about how they are compensating other localized expats so you can get the lay of the land. Speaking with others who have been localized is always a good strategy to see what has worked with others. If others have hit the same wall you have they can tell you what has not worked too - also good information. Sometimes its about looking at your specific circumstances and getting creative. Stick with it - companies do need to compensate their best talent if they want to stay competitive, regardless of the economic climate. I may post more on this topic if I get other comments here. Stick with it - sometimes it just takes time to find workable solutions.

My best,

Career Coach

The blog was absolutely fantastic in this article.!!

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