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Laurie Berenson

A great post and so true - digital dirt and your online presence is gaining in importance during the job search process to become the modern day professional reference. Smart jobseekers should embrace this concept by doing their own online audits, as you recommend.

Jacqui Poindexter, Executive Resume Writer

Thank you for driving home an important point for careerists - maintain an awareness and 'control' of their online identity.

Being 'Google-icious' isn't a given, and with 85% of hiring managers/recruiters Googling candidates during reference check stage, it is critical to keep one's digital identity clean!

Thanks for another value-add Career Collective post!


Megan Fitzgerald

Many thanks for your feedback Jacqui and Laurie.

It's surprising how often job seekers undervalue the impact that information about them online can have. Statistics continue to show us that like it or not, it is a reality we must face and deal with.

Happy Holidays!

Chandlee Bryan


I couldn't agree with you more. I imagine more jobs than we know have been lost on quick Tweets or Facebook status updates from disgruntled sports fans alone!

Excellent points!


Career Sherpa

Digital dirt is a secret killer, because people are unaware! Thank you for this post highlighting the importance of managing online presence! What I think can be almost as damaging is not having ANY online presence, which I see more commonly with the 45+ age group.
Thank you for referencing additional posts on cleaning up digital dirt! Really helpful!!!!

Walter Akana

As the research shows, online identity is becoming more and more critical to everyone’s career success –whether currently employed or in search mode. Face it, employers and others will increasingly look for us in the cloud; so, we need to be prepared to show our best selves.

As you advise, it’s about understanding one’s current online reputation and strategically building a strong online presence that will support professional or business goals. I do think it’s possible to show a bit of personality as well, but within bounds.

Finally, I do agree with Hannah that no online presence can be a real problem too! As we’re fond of saying if you don’t show up on Google, you don’t exist. And that presents it’s own problems!

Great post, Megan!

Megan Fitzgerald

Hi Chandlee, Walter and Hanna,

Thanks for your comments.

It is absolutely true that while being attentive we should also be ourselves, that it only takes a quick tweet to do some serious damage and we must be aware that no online presence can be almost as dangerous as digital dirt!

Many thanks for your great feedback and contributions!


Gerard F. Corbett


Great post. Keep up the good words. Also, take a look at a new tool for career management.
All the best,
Gerry Corbett
The PR Job Coach


Dear Megan,

Coming here via Rosalind Joffe's website has given me some excellent resources and insights on the fact that possible employers are using Google to look us up and review our online life, if you will.

I wonder this: I write a blog on my life in Chronic Pain. Does this fact immediately give employers the wrong idea? That I would not be a suitable employee?

I have always focused on teaching in my posts; as I am a nurse, I would tend to think that this shows my deep interest in the nursing field, and my knowledge of pain issues and research done would give future employers a good feeling about my interests. In other words, I am not blogging and saying 'Poor Me', but more 'How can I make my life work better within the limitations of having chronic pain?'

I would love to network with you and hear your ideas on this subject.

I am also an Ex-pat myself...well, now an "ex ex-pat", having lived in Taiwan for 4 years in the 80's. Glad to see someone else sharing their lives overseas. I didn't have the beauty of the internet back then....

Gentle Hugs!!

Megan Fitzgerald

Hi Shauna,

Thanks for your comments.

It's always lovely to meet a fellow expat. I can't imagine life without the internet abroad though....its what makes my business possible.

I believe that if you are coming from a place of providing value to your readers, there is no "wrong" topic. By value I mean content that is compelling and your audience can use to improve their lives, careers or businesses in some way.

If you are helping people who are struggling with chronic pain live better and richer lives, then that is showcasing a particular talent that others may not have and they may need, It is a way to help stand out from your colleagues. And if this is a true passion then by all means keep up the good work!

My best,

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