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For starters, both are great caerers that will always be in demand. I am a speech path student, and might be a little biased, but I will try to answers your questions.An occupational therapist has a broader range of duties and responsibilites than does a speech pathologist. They work to improve gross and fine motor skills, while an SLP works to improve speech and language skills. I chose a career in speech pathology for several reasons. First, I love working with kids and have a very caretaking personality. Second, I have always had a passion for it; I became addicted to reading at an early age, and always did well in English and foreign languages. In addition, I desired a career where I would have some independence and also make a good living. An occupational therapist probably shares many of these qualities, minus the speech/language stuff. You can feel good knowing though, that each job pays decently, and each will always be in high demand. Good luck!

Megan Fitzgerald

Hi Ranjani,

Many thanks for sharing about your experiences with being an occupational therapist. Certainly a position in demand in many places and a good potential career choice for expats!

My best,

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