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your blog is verygood


I have been very intrigued and perplexed by this and other articles. For more than 15 years, I have longed to move from NYC and live abroad, particularly in the UK or some quaint European city. Your article makes it almost a pick and choose situation. But am I missing something? As a US citizen, I cannot just pick one of those cities on your list and move there! US citizens are only allowed 90 days on a tourist entry, and the only way to live abroad from my understanding is to be granted a work visa. Retiring may be another issue. But for me now, I am shut down from moving because I have no job offer. European / UK companies have a tremendously difficult time to obtain visas, and don't want to undertake the costs and legal processes involved. So,your article omits the #1 issue - how to legally move to a country that you mentioned.
I'd like to know after all of these years of longing to be there.


How strange is it to see that France is at the 10th place and Paris never mentioned...
But there are a lot of US citizens working and retiring!


Great information! I like how you've cross-checked the various lists.

I would say though, that "happy" countries such as Sweden and Norway -- while maybe not as expensive as some places on the list -- still have a much higher cost of living than what many women considering an expat life are used to. That's why it's so important to research and be realistic about cost relative to your current location. Housing, clothing, cars, etc. are VERY expensive in Scandinavia compared to Texas, for example. Instead of 7% sales tax, there's 25%. Cars can have over 100% tax.

Even when you've planned for the differences in cost, you may still get "sticker shock" now and then as an expat and long for a shopping trip "back home."

Of course, in the right place and with the right attitude, an expat experience is priceless, right?


This is an excellent read. I think it is really a must to know and study which country is suited for every individual... That way there is no such thing as failure travel or fulfilling travel. We have a wide range of choices and I believe nothing goes wrong if we read information such as this.

Olga Kovshanova, MBA, MA

Very interesting and useful--Thanks!

Most pertinent are the links contained here in to various rating studies and "... most importantly, be sure that your values and desired lifestyle are aligned with what your potential new home has to offer."

For me, France, Paris, is still tops. But, now wondering after living in the tropics for 2+ years weather I will ever be happy again with COLD winters?


I find it very interesting that places like Play del Carmen, Mexico are not listed...I personally live her as a single working woman...and have tons of either expat working women or retired women as friends...some of their main considerations for living in Mexico were and are:
#1 the cost of living
#2 the safety(hold onto your hats for this one...because it is quite the contrary to what one hears & sees on the US/Canadian news...at least in this amazing area!)
#3 the Health care is amazing
and those are just the top three....
This is my take on my last 5 years here in the Riviera Maya Mexico!

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