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Meg Montford

Love your recommended resources, Megan, especially HelpaReporter.com. You have a unique way of sharing, and it's very appealing. I like the way you write!


Megan, this is outstanding. These strategies aren't only good for career experts but also for those of us who work in the industry. I'm retweeting this post and will be crediting a few of these suggestions when I give a talk on Friday. If you hear the Liberty Bell ringing in your ears later this week, you'll know why.



Walter Akana

Wow, Megan! We are so thinking along the same lines!

Standing up and sharing your expertise is a sure fire way to gain visibility for enhanced career success. In fact, I think that people would do well to think of themselves as “free agents” – even if looking for a traditional job opportunity.

Taking the time to uncover one’s brand, and clearly, consistently, and constantly communicating one’s thought leadership is key! These are great resources for doing just that!

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, Executive Resume Strategist

I echo Chandlee's sentiments that these strategies are exceptional not just for careerists but those of us "in the industry!"

I love the closing tip: "... do you know what "that thing" is that you can do well in a way that no one else can?" I agree that taking time to find "that thing" and THEN visibly sharing that "expert status" on- and offline is important.

Several years ago I underwent a rigorous introspection, along with my accountability partner/career coach, and unearthed my "Your Value Into Words" tagline. Arriving at that tagline was a process that involved many conversations as well as behind-the-scenes introspection.This first step was a launch-pad for future sharings!

In closing, I LOVE your post's message, as well, the resources, the easy to follow links, and the detailed explanations behind them. You've made it simple for careerists to implement your great suggestions!


Dawn Bugni

Megan -

Excellent, excellent resources and great ways to boost client visibility and expertise. I'm taking notes and adding to my client tool chest as we speak.

Wonderful wisdom! Thanks for sharing it.


@meg Thanks Meg for the feedback - glad you found them valuable. And I'm glad that you enjoy my writing

@chandlee I'm glad you found them helpful!

@walter Great minds do think alike!

@Jacqui Thanks so much for your words. What you've pointed out really is at the core of the work that we do with our clients....I absolutely love that process! It's exciting to see people own their unique value and let it drive their success.

@dawn - Thanks! Glad I could add to your tool chest!

My best to all,


Andrea Martins

Agree 100% with these resource recommendations, Megan! Have tweeted this now and I hope others find them useful too. :-)

Andrea Martins


Gracias for this valuable information. It's unfortunate that there is not something similar for the Spanish speaking publications.


Fantastic resources. I appreciate you always sharing information I don't find on most other career blogs. Cheers.


Julie,Excellent (as usual) I beleive that now, more than ever, we need one another to succeed. We are all linked great message, Julie. I'm spinning this out!@HeatherEColeman@CareerSavvy

Megan Fitzgerald

Thanks Andrea for sharing!

Thanks Geraldo for that feedback. If I do find similar resources in Spanish I will be sure to share them.

Thanks for the feedback David - I'm glad you see this as a unique career resource. I hope it keeps you coming back!

Hi Javier, thanks for your positive feedback and sharing the article with others.

My best to all of you!

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