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I really liked your article. To move abroad is a difficult decision, I made that a few years ago, when I moved from Germany to Malaysia, too.

There are so many wonderful countries in the world to immigrate to, that everybody should take his time to visit the place of choice at least 1 time or more for a longer period.

I never regret to immigrate to Malaysia, but it was difficult to adapt to a new culture and a different way of handling things, in the beginning. I decided to make it a little easier for my fellow expat friends with creating a website and writing ebooks about the live in Malaysia as well.

My advice, get out of the rat race and start a new life in your dream country, but get as much information before as possible.

Greeting from Kuala Lumpur!


This is the book for me since I'm thinking of relocating abroad. I am actually in the research process. I'm still checking out my employment opportunity in that place as well as if I can handle the climate. I don't have a family of my own yet so I only have to worry about myself. I consider it a good thing to have come across this post.


Very iitsghnful post. No. 1 and 2 did strike a chord with me as these are, in my experience,the most difficult situations to cope with. The rest are easier to deal with, maybe except red tape, but since I'm from Argentina, I'm used to it!


Excellent read. Thanks for sharing this resource. I can say from personal experience making this choice should not be taken lightly. The adventure could not be the adventure you were looking for without doing your homeward.

Megan Fitzgerald

Hi Conny - wise words! Thnaks for sharing your experience.

Hi Yamii - unfortunately there are numerous challenges, but as you say, as you become more practiced, you learn to manage better. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Hi Randall - I'm glad to hear that you are doing your homework. It should help you make the right choices for you.

Isadora - My pleasure. I hope you'll share it with others.

To all of your success abroad,

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