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Meg Montford

Great process for self-motivation and dealing with stress during a job search. That's all job seekers want - a process. They've run out of fresh ideas the longer they've been unemployed. Thanks for making it all doable.

Laurie Berenson

Megan, I love how you break down the process into such actionable, easily understood steps. It's so easy to try "wish away" the stress in our lives, but your post empowers readers with solid steps to reduce the stress in their daily life. Very valuable!

Gayle Howard

I really enjoyed this post. Concrete examples of identifying and issue and taking action. Excellent!

Olga @ Going Global

Hi Megan,

These are fabulous tips. Job searching can be overwhelming, especially using the social web to develop your online presence. Not only that, but the stress of not making money per se (when in fact you are investing in yourself), can be frustrating. Breaking down your job search from a tactical point of view is the easiest way to relieve yourself of unnecessary stress. This is great for our young professional/college readers.

Thanks for sharing!



I think this is excellent tips who had get stress during job search.

Thanks a lot for sharing this information with us.


The posts so far have been great - hoping for some more.


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Career Outlook

I really liked your post because of the fact that you have mentioned the steps that are practical.

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I felt fine job of finding tips

Thanks a lot for sharing this information with us.

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This is really a informative post, these days getting a job is very difficult that’s why I appreciate every piece of good content that helps people to get a job.

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Very insightful indeed, I will share it some of my friends who will definitely be helped by your stress buster tips, Cheers!


I can't beileve I've been going for years without knowing that.


Job search and stress are synonymous. Thanks for giving us some excellent strategies not listed anywhere else!

Megan Fitzgerald

Greetings to all and thanks for all of your great feedback!

Getting real specific tactical tips to get a the heart of the problem I think is really important and is what inspired this post.

To all of your success in eliminating job search stress,

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