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Meg Montford

Relationship building is the key to career success whether looking for a new opportunity or nurturing your current career. Thanks for sharing your great tips, Megan!

Rosa Elizabeth Vargas

Love all your tips. Appreciate the enlightening perspective: networking is about giving, pick up the virtual phone! Awesome! Listen, up job seekers.

Thanks you,




Great tips. I stopped by the Roger Smith Hotel in New York on Sunday. Rumor has it you practice what you preach--the staff there really enjoyed their visit with you!

Clearly, you have the ability to network effectively across "ponds." Any cross-cultural essentials for job seekers attending holiday gatherings in a foreign country for the first time?

All the Best,

Barbara Safani


I like the tip about the virtual phone. How wonderful it must be for expats to now have so many efficient and inexpensive ways to connect with people across the globe.

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

Excellent tips for expats and ALL others in job search.

I particularly like the idea of virtually connecting because it is such a non-intrusive way to refresh relationships that may be in need of nourishment.

As you point out, the holidays encourage such nurturing and growing of networks.

I also enjoyed how you offered a diversity of options for networking, including volunteering, particularly for those who don't cherish the idea of eat/drink events.

Great post, Megan!


Laurie Berenson

Great post, Megan. I particularly like the suggestion of meeting at least one new person at every event. You make a good point - people are festive and generally more open to talking and socializing. Make that work to your advantage!


Megan - Your points are all on target. And what shines through to me is that it doesn't matter where you live or what challenges you face.The same concepts apply. It's not rocket science but most of us just get lazy!

Great job as always


Thanks for all the great comments!

@Meg - absolutely - could not agree more!

@Rosa - Yes, networking, holidays and giving are all very connected!

@Chandlee - I loved what Brian was doing with social media at the RS Hotel - he's fantastic! Cross- cultural tips? Read up on holiday customs - and observe before you engage!

@Barbara - skype is an absolute lifesaver - I love it!

@Jacqui - I really think that even when seeing people in person isn't possible - a telephone or video chat does wonders to strengthen online connections.

@Laurie - I definitely think setting specific goals helps focus your efforts and makes you feel like you've accomplished something that is connected to a greater goal. Lack of feeling "satisfied" is a feeling many people share when networking..

@Rosalind - Tis true - some of the most important and powerful strategies are universal!

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