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Megan, your analysis and advice are spot on. This is no longer the future; it is the current reality and applies not only to expats, but all those in the workforce. Personally I can see a time when most people will be independent contractors; a situation which may work well for those at the top of their professions, but will be a struggle for the average performer. Right now it’s working well for companies, but it may well prove a challenge for them in the future. I’m not sure I like it, but it is what it is and we must deal with it.

Dawn Bugni

Megan - Stunning statistics. Job search 21st century is truly about being open to opportunities at all times. It's not so much a "search" anymore as much as it is being ready for the next big thing, always. Excellent reminder.

Career Sherpa

Megan: I love the way you phrased that we will always be at some piont in the job search process! That along with the data back up the point that it is critical to have excellent job search skills!


Megan, Great post. Your advice on the importance of cultural understanding for the expat job search is "spot-on." It's like baking in a different altitude: you have to adjust the recipe for your environment!

All the Best,


Terrific post Megan. I have so much admiration for people who seek employment in another country. It is hard enough to change jobs when the jobseeker knows the industry, the main players and the key stakeholders. I can't imagine how difficult it is for those individuals who arrive having to learn everything from the ground up! One thing is for certain though, using "cookie cutter" stock standard ways of doing things that have worked before just won't work and your post encapsulates that perfectly!

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

Wonderful article, Megan, backed up by statistics and also punctuated by solutions to propel one's expat job search.

Your concluding 'success tip' further emphasizes how past job searches would fare in light of today's climate. Clarifying career/lifestyle goals, indeed, is vital!

Moreover, for your work with Expats (and for any career coach collaborating with those aspiring to international work), your advice to articulate culturally relevant value messages is key.

Great article, Megan!


Rosa Elizabeth Vargas

Megan, what a wealth of valuable information you have posted here. Interesting figures, especially “85% of recruiters and hiring managers use the information they find online in their hiring decisions.” This reinforces what most career coaches advise -- a differentiating online image is vital. Great post! I look forward to your next post.

Barbara Safani


So true. A strong resume is just one piece of the puzzle. Today's job seeker needs a multi-media approach with a strong message of value across multiple business, social, and online identity platforms.

Megan Fitzgerald, International Career Coach


I am away on holiday at the moment but will get back to you as soon as I return.

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Hi Megan,

You make an excellent point. A time of recession forces all of us - regardless at what point in the job spectrum we may be - to evaluate our career as a journey rather than a one time venture. I write primarily for students and it is so important for them to remember what you mentioned 'the cookie cutter approach to job hunting is a strategy of the past'. Looking for jobs and managing your career is a daily process.

Thanks for the helpful information.




Many thanks to all of you for your insightful comments!

As people who support careerists in pursuing their professional goals - we must truly educate them about the need for ongoing activity as it relates to their career.

And for those interested in working abroad, cultural relevancy must be underscored when looking at their unique value proposition and career marketing materials.

It's an exciting time with many changes on the horizon!

Business Career

The post is informative. great post.


I would recommend for expatriate to look for job before they land in the foreign coutries. Especially if the foreign contries are third world countries. It will make your life so much easier. Trust me

Uk Employment Guide

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