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Interesting ideas! But does the mere fact of using an iPhone set you apart in many countries in an uncomfortable way? I'm planning to spend 6 months in Brazil and am trying to figure out my phone situation. Although I love all the convenience and amazing apps on the iPhone, I am thinking it would set me apart culturally too much and make me too much a theft target to use one. And I think it would be expensive. Do you use one in Europe? I'm curious if iPhones for expats are increasingly a norm.


Hi Sasha,

Thanks for your comment.

I don't believe that having an iPhone will set you apart in an uncomfortable way in many countries or settings - but of course it depends where you go.

In Brazil there are definitely parts that are known for its high level of crime, so being careful about showcasing anything you own that might be attractive to a thief would be a good idea.

But if you use common sense, I would think it would not be a problem.

Personally I know people that depend on their iPhone for running their businesses while traveling. Carrying an iPhone instead of a laptop is not only easier, but in a sense puts you at less risk for theft or damage of a very important piece of hardware!

As far as the popularity of iPhone, its being sold throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

I would recommend doing research on mobile phone service providers in Brazil so that you can be assured of the most cost effective option.

Have a great time in Brazil!



Hi Megan,

Thanks for your thoughts on this! Also saw that you posted this question on Twitter and I'm curious about the response.

Yes, I need to find out how expensive it would be to purchase a Brazilian data and phone plan (using the US version seems too expensive for everyday use). I'm assuming that most expats sign up for a local service plan in the country where they are living.

My iPhone was just stolen actually in the US, and I'm planning to leave for Brazil in a few months, so it's decision time on whether to replace the iPhone or get a less conspicuous lo-fi phone. It's interesting that you say that many expats use their iPhone instead of a laptop. I was planning to look into netbooks since I will blog and write while I am away. I can't imagine doing serious writing on my iPhone, though always was taking notes on it!

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