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Emmanuelle Archer

Thank you for this post Megan- a checklist and a reality check wrapped into one.

It always saddens me when I work with expats who feel bitter or trapped because the job opportunities do not live up to their expectations, or the generous expat package failed to materialize.

What tripped me up when I first arrived in Canada was relying too much on my degree and my professional experience to find a job. I wasted a lot of time trying to sell myself to employers through my resume, when I could have better focused my efforts through networking. A good lesson, learned the hard way!



Thanks for the comment!

It is so true that you cannot depend on anyone strategy - there are no silver bullets when it comes to the job search.

Preparing your CV and/or resume, professional bio and elevator speech properly is incredibly important in a overseas job search but must be combined with networking and other strategies if you want results.

Networking will get you in front of the right people and secure those opportunities to have those hiring conversations. But without powerful, differentiating career marketing materials tailored to your target market and the ability to verbally express what you offer effectively, you may not be able to convert a conversation into a job offer.

As with most things in life, we must use the right combination of strategies to achieve personal and professional success. That's what makes our jobs so interesting!

Buona domenica!

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