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Great advice.

Getting involved in business networking sites like (Linkedin, Xing, Schmoozii) can not expand your network, but can lead to opportunities you never knew existed.

Jesse Stay


Thanks for sharing Jason's and my book! There is one more tool I use out there beyond what you mention and that's FriendFeed. I'd love to show you some of the power of how it can strengthen your brand if you're ever interested.

Krishna De

Hi Megan - having been an expat for more years than I care to mention, I value the new social media platform as a way to keep connected to family, friends, business colleagues even if I am not a millenial!

The use of social media to help expats keep connected with their home country business which is often a challenge in organisations and social media in the enterprise is as yet untapped but and exciting opportunity for talent managers.

Thanks for referencing my Twitter account - I've found it a vibrant community and great for research too.

Tweet you soon!

Megan Fitzgerald

Thanks to everyone for all of the comments!

Jesse - I am just getting into FriendFeed and am happy to hear your thoughts on how expats can use it to build their brand.

Krishna - It's funny that in the year (or more?) I have known you I never thought of you as an expat - but your assignments around the world most definitely qualify you!

My post was partly inspired by the expats I work with that struggle with using social media/Web 2.0. You being a thought leader and pioneer in this area have much more knowledge and experience in this area than many - and hence you are one to follow! I know you are doing groundbreaking work in this area with companies so it will be fantastic to hear how your work will inform best practices.

Looking forward to staying connected online!


Anita Bruzzese

Thanks for the mention!
What I have found is that I actually have learned a lot since I started to connect to people in this way. It's like a mini-university all the time. People are so willing to share information, it can be really energizing.Where else could I have the chance to talk to interesting people like you?

Megan Fitzgerald

Hi Anita,

It's funny, I knew of you, but before Twitter you were just an icon in the career space. Now I can truly appreciate your frank and perceptive perspective you bring to the conversation. I love reading your blog posts...

Tweet you later!


Deb Dib

Hi Megan!

I so enjoy reading your posts - the information is so comprehensive yet so concise and easy to read and assimilate (do you think all that Twitter-time has migrated into your regular writing?). Thanks for the shout out, as well.

On another note, does/how does the US ex-pat community celebrate July 4th where you are in Italy?

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