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Rob Cuesta

This is happening more and more in all sorts of fields. A couple of months ago a Canadian academic was refused entry to the US when a border guard found an academic journal article he'd written 20 years earlier about his experiences of using LSD in a lab experiment.

I wonder if George Orwell, in his darkest imaginings, could have dreamt up Google!

Nike Shox CL

Because all things are difficult, we must word hard than before, then success will not long away from us.


i think she should be hired apart from the online history of her keeping aside protesting against world trade center and china thing ,she is very talented gal has mentioned in case.
"we shouldn't think what is given or what is stated,we should think what we feel and take a decision"


when i discussed the case with my friends,we concluded that we should hire her due her leadership quality seen in her,we considering the resume "we should hire"


Mimi MUST be hired because of her honesty. Honesty is needed in a certain organization in order to become successful!

QVC Japan

Finalmente, consegu lo que estaba buscando! Sin duda disfrutando cada pedacito de ella. Me alegro de haber tropezado con este artculo! sonrisa Yo los he salvado de ver cosas nuevas lo que escribes.


I'm keen to learn more about how to manage my online reputation more effectively. As an executive I just don't have the time to do this. Are there services that offer this support? I will send you an email off blog to discuss. Thanks for the great post.


Excellent case study and exploration of it. Even after years it still brings home the importance of your online reputation. Well done.

Megan Fitzgerald

Thanks everyone for their thoughts!

Rob, I agree. Futurists say that our online reputation will be so important people are paying thousands to manage them. I guess we shall see!

Vjeta and Mon - tough decisions to make. Unfortunately it is the employers' perspective in these situations that count.

Thanks Theo. I look forward to connecting.

Thanks Dan, I appreciate the feedback.

Best to all!


Certainly an interesting case. I'd say it's unfortunate that company policies would be such that this qualified woman would not be hired. I'd hire her, but I'm sure that my decision would be in part controlled by what my company policy dictated.


Excellent exploration of this case study. I believe that Mimi should have been hired. Employers that extremely strict today would likely not attract top employees or be able to keep them anyway.

Megan Fitzgerald

Thanks for your comments Hilton and Tory. It's a hard decision to make more many - there are arguments on both sides. Hilton I agree that often it is company policy, not people that are making these sorts of decisions. These decisions don't always support the company by potentially not hiring a great candidate because of something they did years ago. But the reality of today's world is that your online identity is part of any job application. The best thing to do is to build a strong online presence to support your career goals as best you can.

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