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My name is Megan Fitzgerald. I'm an American expat living and working in Singapore, an expat and international career coach and CEO of Career By Choice.

I specialise in catalysing the careers of forward-thinking, global professionals and executives by helping them clarify their unique value, become highly visible and land work abroad. With 25+ years of experience in career and business development in 45+ countries, I provide expert guidance to those interested in making an impact in their organizations and the world.

I believe powerfully communicating your strengths and unique value - on and offline - is essential to winning in today's dynamic, digital and global marketplace. They are your only constants - they drive your performance, your differentiation and are your ultimate competitive edge.

My in-depth, 360° approach to international career acceleration is at its core about helping you communicate your unique value in a compelling and culturally relevant way to the people who need what you offer most. It is informed by 3 degrees, 8 certifications, 18+ years overseas and 25 years experience on 6 continents.

By thriving in jobs aligned with their strengths and global lifestyle, my clients are recognized and well-compensated for the value they create. But more importantly, they are positioned to impact real change in the world.

By empowering change agents with what they need to realize their potential I hope to make the world an even more extraordinary place.

My Story

Like many of my fellow expats, my journey to becoming a global professional and business owner started early in life. Books first introduced me to a world outside of my own and fueled a growing fascination with different countries and cultures. My first taste of life in another country at 12 inspired my study of languages and world economies and the pursuit of international travel and study during high school and university.

What I loved most about my first job working with entrepreneurs from developing countries was learning about the challenges of growing careers and businesses in challenging environments - and the solutions to overcome them. That formative experience was the start of a 25 year career in professional and business development in 45+ countries on 6 continents.

As a result of my success supporting hundreds worldwide, I've been named a top 50 personal branding consultant and been featured in Fortune Magazine,, the Financial times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Channel News Asia, and many expatriate and career books and publications.

Who I Work With

I work best with future-oriented, innovative expats struggling to clarify or communicate their differentiating, compelling value in the global marketplace and/or land work abroad. Truly committed and not afraid of a challenge, they're ready to invest the time and energy to manage their international careers on an ongoing basis.

These global minds are willing to let go of old beliefs and approaches to growing their careers and businesses. They want to learn about online tools and strategies critical to landing work abroad. And they are keen to unleash their unique expertise and passion to make an impact in their organization or the world.

My clients work for global and Fortune 500 companies like Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson as well as embassies & the United Nations. I've worked with clients in the following industries:
• Technology, HR, Finance/Banking, Media, Healthcare & Pharma
• Renewable Energy, Sustainability & CSR
• Diplomacy, Foreign Service & United Nations
• International Development & Non-Profits
• Public Health, Medicine & Research


Results my clients have achieved include:
• Secured jobs in new countries and new industries
• Secured jobs with high-profile organizations they pursued for years
• Secured promotions and 50% salary increases
• Became pioneers in their field for discoveries or work
• Built portable businesses, websites and blogs with industry following
• Built or expanded global network and client base
• Published and/or featured in major media and industry publications and websites
• Transformed their online presence from non-existant to #1 search result
• Recognized for growth as leaders and improvements to business operations

My Approach

I partner with these global minds to clarify their vision and unique value. Because I believe people are most successful when they are true to themselves and their strengths, we dig deep to unearth that uniqueness that will inspire, transform and drive their success.

With a proven step-by-step and in-depth process, we develop powerful tools and strategies on and offine to authentically communicate their value in a compelling and differentiating way. With a distinctive online identity and strong network built with social media, they are equipped to realize success on their terms.


Always looking for tools and strategies to better support my clients my credentials include:
• Certified Personal Branding Strategist - 1 of first 100 worldwide
• Certified Career Coach
• Certified Executive Coach
• Certified Online Identity Strategist – 1 of first 35 worldwide
• Certified Performance Analyst
• Certified Social Media Marketing Strategist
• Certified 360 Personal Brand Assessment Analyst 
• Masters Degree in Multimedia Communications

Media and Publications

As a specialist in expat careers, personal branding and online identity,I've been featured in publications on and offline including:
• Fortune Magazine (4 page feature)
• The Wall Street Journal
• The Washington Post
• The Financial Times
• The Telegraph
• Fox Business Online
• Channel News Asia
• Numerous career and expat websites

I'm also regularly asked to contribute to or am included in books such as:
• Storytelling about Your Brand Online & Offline
• The Twitter Job Search Guide: Find a Job and Advance Your Career in only 15 Minutes a Day
• Personal Branding for Dummies
• Should I Stay or Should I Go?: The Truth About Moving Abroad and Whether it's Right for You
• A Career in my Suitcase
• A Broad Abroad: The Expat Wife's Guide to Successful Living Abroad
• Vado a Vivere all'Estero: Guida Pratica per Espatriati

Expertise Recognition

I've also been recognized for my expertise in careers and social media:
• Top 50 Personal Branding Experts
• 100 Best Career Resources for Graduates and PhDs
• Top 30 Personal Branding Experts on Twitter
• 100 Personal Branding Experts To Follow on Twitter
• 100+ Career Blogs ALL Professionals MUST Read
• 9 Expat Blogs to Follow
• 20 Interesting Expats to Follow on Twitter
• 101 Best Job Search and Career Experts on Twitter
• Top 10 Facebook Fan Pages for Job Seekers and Career Minded Folk

Giving Back

Having spent years working with professionals and entrepreneurs in developing and transitional countries, I donate a percentage of my total income to life saving programs around the world fighting AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Through I continue to support entrepreneurs in the developing world. Currently I’m supporting a group in Peru to start a restaurant to serve traditional regional dishes to their community. 

At Play

When not at work, you can find me planning my next trip, reading about innovation and global trends, enjoying spicy thai food or a having a caffè macchiato to start my day.

Please feel free to contact me via my website to learn more about I can help you build a career or business to support your life abroad.