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A wonderful interview Megan. As Anne indictes, moving overseas makes for a natural time to reconsider all aspects of your life and make changes accordingly. So glad to hear that you are now the series editor for the @Home books Anne, looking forward to your latest on Phuket.

Anne O'Connell (@annethewriter)

Thanks Linda! And, thank-you Megan for allowing me to tell my story. I'm now trying to break into the expat community here in Phuket, which is a little more difficult than in Dubai. I won't lose hope but it's been darn hard! If you know anyone in Phuket, send me their contact information.
Anne :)

Megan Fitzgerald

Thanks Linda for the kind words. And it was my pleasure Anne - thanks for sharing your story. I hope it was able to inspire others to leverage their PR background to build a career abroad. Enjoy Phuket!

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