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Dan Schawbel

If you think this is over the top, wait another decade. As the population increases,so does the need for Personal Branding. Why would a parent want to name his or her kid "Matt Smith" for example. Personal Branding all starts with your name.


Makes me glad to be abroad - come on guys, just let kids be kids!
I grew up with an unusual name (short for my middle name) so I always stuck out. For an experiment, in work environments at first, I reverted to my "real" name and now it feels strange to be so "usual". Hmmmm, I should do a before and after comparison, wonder which is more effective....
congratulations on your new site!
looks great.

Megan Fitzgerald

Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth! Yes, in Italy with the tradition of names being taken from relatives or region of the country, I think we are far away from a world where child naming is big business. But naming is still important - think of the tradition of 'name day', or 'onomastico' in Italian (although it is not as important as it used to be). I would be curious to know how many other countries have such a tradition. Hmm...topic for a cultural moment blog post?

David LaPlante

Great blog...enjoyed the last several posts.

I liked this topic...in 1999 as I was hyperventilating in the moments before our firstborn I managed to get a 56k modem connection in the hospital room and nslookup our firstborn's domain name...everyone made fun of me but now both my kids have all their digital namesakes protected.

It may be 16 years before I get the "Gee, thanks Dad..."


Megan Fitzgerald

Hi David,

Thanks for comment on the blog...Yes, it is pretty insane what people will do these days for their kids.

Lord knows I am in early adopter and non-conventional person in a lot of ways...but I may just do the old fashioned - "Honey, how does this name sound? I kinda like the ring to it" approach when naming my kids.


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